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Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey Discuss AutismLARRY KING, CNN HOST: Tonight, exclusive Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, partners in life and partners in the search for answers to autism, see how Jenny's son diagnosed with the condition is doing. What is the cause? Is there a cure? Medical experts studying the mystery are here, the pain, the puzzle, the war on autism.But first breaking news, the massacre in Binghamton, New York, more than a dozen dead and wounded. We're live with the latest next on LARRY KING LIVE. Good evening. Before we get into our major discussion of autism, let's get right to Susan Candiotti for a quick update on what happened in Binghamton, New York today. Susan?SUSAN CANDIOTTI, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Larry, it's just a horrible tragedy, 14 people dead, including the suspected shooter who's been identified as Jiverly Wong, of Vietnamese descent, described as someone in his early 40s who lived with his parents and sister in Johnson City, New York. This…